About Us

Did you know that the largest cake ever created weighed 58 tons, which included over 7 tons of icing? Now, we won’t be able to match such statistics. However, our amazing team are able to tailor to your own specific needs, no matter the shape, size or complexity of the design.

One Stop Cake Shop started up on the 1st March 2002, and we have been growing ever since. Over a decade’s experience has led to us being able to create almost any and every design of cake you could imagine. Aside from experience, our passion for decoration and baking has been one of the main driving forces behind our ability to produce the highest quality of services and products.

One Stop Cake Shop

We have moved our shop a few times over the years, and now we are based in the Station Buildings in Gainsborough. Our shop consists of a massive selection of cake decoration equipment, and we also have some of our displays out on show so that you can see exactly what we can produce.

As much as we love making cakes, we love even more seeing the amazing ideas that our customers come to us with. Our gallery has on show all of the cakes we have been able to make over the years, and all of the decorations that we have been able to do for our customers.

If you wish to get your hands on your own tasty and brilliant-looking cake, please email us at onestopcakeshop@hotmail.co.uk, or call us on 01427 610 000 today.