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Looking for some truly original designs? Wanting to be able to get hold of your dream cake? With One Stop Cake Shop, we can turn your dreams into a reality! Our extensive experience in a range of activities such as cake making, balloon decorating and much more ensures that whatever you want, we are more than happy and capable of providing. No matter the occasion or season, our gifted cake makers are able to make bespoke cakes fit for whatever you require.

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Print Your Own

Add personalisation to your cakes by having any image you wish be put on to one of our cakes. Simply choose your image and upload it, and we will have it on a cake for you in no time!

Our Services

We at One Stop Cake Shop don’t just provide quality cakes, but we also offer a range of services such as Training Classes, Venue Decorating and more!

Baking Accessories

If you fancy getting your hands on some baking accessories, be sure to check out our range right here that are sure to help you create your own wonderful cakes!